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Frequently asked questions


Do I need previous climbing experience?
You can enjoy our adventure park without any previous experience. The staff will make sure you feel welcome and safe. All visitors must attend the safety briefing before heading on the trail. During the briefing you will get information about the safety in our park and how to use the safety equipment (harness and helmet).


Can I climb when I’m pregnant?

If you are pregnant you are not allowed to climb.


Do I need a booking? What if I need to cancel?
When you arrive alone, with a friend or family, you can arrive when we are open, without booking in advance. You can cancel a booking latest 24 hours before the climbing.


How long will it take to go through all 9 trails? Is there any time limit?
Finishing all 9 trails can take up to about 3-6 hours (first 5 trails about 2-4 hours) depending on the amount of climbers in the trails, physical and skill level of the climber. All trails are separate and end on the ground so you can have a pause in the between. You can climb each trail once and take all the time you need within the opening hours.


Please note that there is a safety instruction first + everyone needs to pass the practice trail. Altogether that takes about 30-45 minutes before you can enter the longer trails. Our safety instructions start maximum every 30 minutes (in some cases 45 minutes).


Is it allowed to climb during rain or thunder?
The trails are slightly more slippery when it’s raining but not dangerous. Climbing in the rain offers more fun and adventure. During thunder nearby the park will be closed until it’s safe to climb.


Are there tracks for small children?
Kids Park’s two trails are very well suited for our youngest adventurers! The Kids Park is recommended from 2y and above. Adults can help the child from the ground and must supervise the child’s climbing.


Can children enter the trail without an adult?
Yes. Children under 18 years need to have a written permission from the parent.

Terms and Conditions

There will be a thorough safety briefing and the staff are there to help and support when needed. Still, we kindly ask the parent to stay in the park when children younger than 15 years are climbing. The parent is primarily responsible for the child climbing according to the safety rules. Consult with the park staff if you have questions.


What if I’m unable finish the trail?
Notify our staff on the ground that you need help. Few tips can usually help to carry on your adventure. You will be helped to come back on the ground from anywhere from the trail if it’s needed.


How should I prepare for the adventure?
We advise dressing according to the weather and wearing suitable shoes for outdoor sports. Long hair should be tied for safety. Bring a drink and snacks with since you might spend a long time in the park (3-6 hours).


Using gloves is by your own choice and you can bring yours with. The best ones are with a good grip and close-fitting. On the hardest trails you’ll need to pull yourself forward more with hands so there we recommend gloves for comfort. You can also buy gloves (3,50 €) from the park.


Can I carry a phone or a camera on the trails?
We don’t recommend taking valuables on the trails. It is also much more comfortable when you don’t carry anything extra with you.


Is there a weight limit on the trails?

Only the quick jump devices on trails number 2 and 9 have a weight limit of 125 kg.


If you didn’t find an answer to your question, please contact us. 🙂


Contact information:

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