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Scroll down to take a look at our awesome trails at Vuokatti Adventure Park. Also we kindly ask you to read the Rules and Safety regarding the trails.



Adventure park safety precautions include:

— Construction of the trails according to strict safety standards

— Experienced staff

— Professional equipment

— Lanyard and self-belay system with two carabiners

— Safety briefing and practice trail under the watchful eye of the instructor.


Vuokatin Adventure Park is built in compliance with European Union standards AFNOR XP-902-1 and XP S52-902-2. Trails are in compliance with EN 15567-1 standard and operation with EN 15567-2 standard.


Adventure Park is designed and approved by the French company ARAVIS AVENTURE SARL , who’s CEO Pierre Gay Perret is a certified mountain guide and has extensive experience in building parks around the world.


Aravis Aventure Licensed to build adventure parks: Reference: M7401 1170185 Siret nr.: 432 305 845 00013 APE code: 927c


Professional safety equipment is provided by PETZL.



Before accessing the trails, each client signs a terms of use agreement with the Adventure Park and participates in a safety briefing.


Children under the age of 14 can only access the trails with the consent of an adult. One adult can take liability for maximum of 4 children.


Children can visit the park on their own with a pre-filled and signed terms of use agreement. Children with the height of 115-140cm can access first 4 trails. Youth up to 18 years old and taller than 140cm can access all 7 trails.


Safety harness is given to a client for personal use only and must be returned immediately after the completion of trails. Passing on safety harness to a third party is prohibited. Price includes completion of trails once. After change of clothes or visit to the toilet, safety harness must be checked by an instructor. Personal belongings can be left in the pavilion of the Adventure Park.

Definitely take some water with you and be sure to keep yourself hydrated.


Terms of use agreement (pdf.)



Trail list